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This the email.
1. Intro - Tell us a little bit about you / your team and the ad you have created.
My name is Jon and the person who made this entry for your Make our ad campaign.
Vimeo, which (reluctantly) hosts my videos is what was specified as a part of the entry requirements. It's probably the only part of this that actually ticks any box. I saw you ad on the telly, and i got for a few seconds got really excited and thought i could enter this, make a set, have things wrong. Full animation, not too bad, maybe. But after reading a couple sections i guidelines i gave up, i was laughing too much. There was no way i could list the tech stuff adhere to any of your basic broadcast rules. Lol...your a funny bunch.
Why enter then?
Because then iv got something to use even, if you haven't.

2. Cast and crew - Full name of each participant.
Four doll and some props

3. Music - A list of each song/track title used in the ad.
Soundtrack, an angry mob in Pakistan.

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