Dec-29-2012 (#22348) By: Jon Evil (points: 3174, rank: 9)

Classic cartel & los Zeta vs C.D.G.
Recommended viewing
Sinaloa chainsaw & knife execution. A instant classic in true gore video
Baseball bat and chopped up with an axe. Edited and set to music.
Dead man decapitation. Shot then beheaded with a blunt machete.
Harlem shake, cartel style. Another 15 minute mainstream trend.
Dismembered and piled up. 2 videos together, dismember & the pile.
Behind the scene. Planning for the ladder execution. (Random section)

C.D.G. vs Los Zeta executions.
Beheaded and dismember. Infamous for the genital removal at the start.
Duel hanging. Start by wrapping their heads in tape then hanging them.
Female Gulf cartel member execution. She was caught in 2013 and executed.
Los Zeta executed by garotte. The doll was listed & removed from Trade Me.
Clubbed then beheaded They have nice uniforms very professional,
Easter gift to Los Zeta.That says it all really.
Tortured and beheaded. You pay the cost to be the boss.
Gulf cartel slaughter multiple Los Zetas. The last guy screams, alot.

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May-14-2014 (#63778) By: Fabio Eduardo Rocha (points: 2, rank: 3504)

absolut horrorshow... so sad.

May-14-2014 (#63779) By: Fabio Eduardo Rocha (points: 2, rank: 3504)

show no mercy...

1 hour ago (#95707) By: Jon Evil (points: 3174, rank: 9)

Man has leg chopped off at knee.
A cellfone video (i assume cartel related) of a man having his leg cut off at the knee with an axe.

Jan-1-2015 (#87361) By: Jon Evil (points: 3174, rank: 9)

Los Zeta revenge over the 'Easter gift'.
3 men beheaded by a member of Los Zeta for the beheading and dismemberment of their 'mates' by the CDG.

Feb-11-2015 (#91110) By: WhiteDahlia (points: 157, rank: 78)

Great effects!
It would be also nice to see some blood fountain effects, like from a syringe and tube with red fluid.
That would be great, if this is possible. :)

Sep-25-2014 (#77515) By: Jon Evil (points: 3174, rank: 9)

Zeta tortured, shot then beheaded.
A low ranking member of los zeta is Q & A'd then a big Z is cut into his chest. He is shot in the head cut down and beheaded, he is still alive as the first cuts are made.
There is a phrase said at the end of the video, could a viewer please translate what the woman was saying.

Oct-6-2014 (#78408) By: guest22 (points: 2, rank: 3642)

The woman at the end said, "guara guara la chuchara, putos" it doesn't means anything is just a phrase, a rhyme, a joke, she just mocks.

the traduction would be: "wara wara" the spoon, assholes" obviously in english doesn't rhyme.

I investigated more and is a phrase from a song by a mexican hip hop group "CANO Y BLUNT"

more info:

link to song:

Jan-5-2015 (#87817) By: dsfgs - Id: ZYf6XtulN2

Sep-21-2014 (#77012) By: Jon Evil (points: 3174, rank: 9)

Los Zeta kill 4 women.
Linked to the C.D.G. these 4 women are hacked to death and beyond. The lady on the far right comes in for special attention because she is linked to the beheading and face-skinning video of 2011.

Sep-24-2014 (#77461) By: hfdfire (points: 2, rank: 3350)


Sep-25-2014 (#77503) By: winstonchi (points: 7, rank: 1199)

who makes these fucking puppet videozs

Jan-5-2015 (#87820) By: sdfsd - Id: ZYf6XtulN2

Sep-7-2014 (#75184) By: Jon Evil (points: 3174, rank: 9)

Woman executed with single gunshot.
Asked a few questions with a statement at the end by the gunman, she begins to say "No-no" and put her hands up but is shot in the head.

Aug-23-2014 (#73265) By: Jon Evil (points: 3174, rank: 9)

C.D.G. 'Easter gift' to Zeta.
The infamous barrel video.Starts with statements from the victims and the killers, all go. They are completely dismembered and stacked in a barrel behind them. This was released around Easter as a video 'gift' to Los Zeta.

Jun-8-2014 (#65910) By: Jon Evil (points: 3174, rank: 9)

Electrocution and bashing torture video.
A audio-less video that shows two men zapping a third and then bashing him with bats.