Dec-29-2012 (#22348) By: Jon Evil (points: 2569, rank: 10)

Classic cartel & los Zeta vs C.D.G.
Recommended viewing
Sinaloa chainsaw & knife execution. A instant classic in true gore video
Baseball bat and chopped up with an axe. Edited and set to music.
Dead man decapitation. Shot then beheaded with a blunt machete.
Harlem shake, cartel style. Another 15 minute mainstream trend.
Dismembered and piled up. 2 videos together, dismember & the pile.
Behind the scene. Planning for the ladder execution. (Random section)

C.D.G. vs Los Zeta executions.
Beheaded and dismember. Infamous for the genital removal at the start.
Duel hanging. Start by wrapping their heads in tape then hanging them.
Female Gulf cartel member execution. She was caught in 2013 and executed.
Los Zeta executed by garotte. The doll was listed & removed from Trade Me.
Clubbed then beheaded They have nice uniforms very professional,
Easter gift to Los Zeta.That says it all really.
Tortured and beheaded. You pay the cost to be the boss.
Gulf cartel slaughter multiple Los Zetas. The last guy screams, alot.

Comments. Answers to questions if any, abuse not necessarily.

Chainsaw execution.
that is soooooooo not funny !!!!!!!!!!!!

Cartel scar video.
you are a animal Jon I can't believe you got that cut in you nice I say
the Manuel Mendez leyva is the best beheading video ever .,...

Would be nice if you could tell what the fuck it was supposed to be. It
looks like Ned Kelley running past the Great Pyramid of Giza wearing
diving flippers, whilst carrying a sack of inflated condoms.

Actually... This is pretty softcore. I had my scarification tat done
with a rusty old box cutter. The dude that cut it in my chest had worked
all day in his auto garage. He never washed his hands once all day and
he didn't wear gloves. He cut in my chest for 4 hours with the dirty old
box cutter then when he was done, stood stark nude over me and shat all
over my chest (he had eaten bean burritos for 4 days so it was good
squirts.) Then he took used motor-oil and rubbed the shit in with it.
After that sat for 15 min he cut it all over again... Shat on me
again... This time he poured pigs blood and red dye on and smeared it
all in.

Garotte execution
This is BS why are we watching toys? ive seen this same video but the real version, wheres the real version?

what the fuck

Cartel disposel
lmao your good!

thanks for wasteing my time shitstain.

Cellfone of a teen.
Where is the original version?

Search Mexican cartel-The YNC, video section-Blog del narco, Latin American war link-Best Gore.

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May-14-2014 (#63778) By: Fabio Eduardo Rocha (points: 2, rank: 2891)

absolut horrorshow... so sad.

May-14-2014 (#63779) By: Fabio Eduardo Rocha (points: 2, rank: 2891)

show no mercy...

Sep-7-2014 (#75184) By: Jon Evil (points: 2569, rank: 10)

Woman executed with single gunshot.
Asked a few questions with a statement at the end by the gunman, she begins to say "No-no" and put her hands up but is shot in the head.

Aug-23-2014 (#73265) By: Jon Evil (points: 2569, rank: 10)

C.D.G. 'Easter gift' to Zeta.
The infamous barrel video.Starts with statements from the victims and the killers, all go. They are completely dismembered and stacked in a barrel behind them. This was released around Easter as a video 'gift' to Los Zeta.

Jun-8-2014 (#65910) By: Jon Evil (points: 2569, rank: 10)

Electrocution and bashing torture video.
A audio-less video that shows two men zapping a third and then bashing him with bats.

Jan-22-2014 (#53543) By: Jon Evil (points: 2569, rank: 10)

Gunman executes man tied to pole
A masked gunman fires three bullets in to the head of a bloke tied to a pole after a short Q & A.

Aug-11-2013 (#38427) By: Jon Evil (points: 2569, rank: 10)

Car used to decapitate rival
This video was viewer request.
A man who had a rope around his neck and one end was tied to
one end of a car and another end tied to another end of another car.
Simple enough.
No info on who was who. But the style of execution fits.

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Jul-23-2013 (#37470) By: Jon Evil (points: 2569, rank: 10)

La Familia, severed heads on the dance floor.
In Sep 2008 gunman from La Familia burst into a nightclub and threw 5 severed heads onto the dance floor with a note.

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Jul-24-2013 (#37498) By: Guest user - Id: l7ckYvrN0g

For a moment there i thought you had gone out and brought a huge pile of lego.

Then i remembered. THe budget you set for these creations is how much weed and booze you buy

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Jul-16-2013 (#37153) By: Jon Evil (points: 2569, rank: 10)

Beheaded with a pruning saw.
This bloke, who i assume was with Los Zeta due to the shouts of "Golfos!!" during his execution, has his lips and/or tounge cut off, then his head.
Which was done with a pruning saw.

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Sep-5-2013 (#39466) By: pc123 (points: 6368, rank: 5)