Dec-29-2012 (#22348) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

Classic cartel & los Zeta vs C.D.G.
Recommended viewing
Sinaloa chainsaw & knife execution. A instant classic in true gore video
Baseball bat and chopped up with an axe. Edited and set to music.
Dead man decapitation. Shot then beheaded with a blunt machete.
Harlem shake, cartel style. Another 15 minute mainstream trend.
Dismembered and piled up. 2 videos together, dismember & the pile.
Behind the scene. Planning for the ladder execution. (Random section)

C.D.G. vs Los Zeta executions.
Beheaded and dismember. Infamous for the genital removal at the start.
Duel hanging. Start by wrapping their heads in tape then hanging them.
Female Gulf cartel member execution. She was caught in 2013 and executed.
Los Zeta executed by garotte. The doll was listed & removed from Trade Me.
Clubbed then beheaded They have nice uniforms very professional,
Easter gift to Los Zeta.That says it all really.
Tortured and beheaded. You pay the cost to be the boss.
Gulf cartel slaughter multiple Los Zetas. The last guy screams, alot.

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May-14-2014 (#63778) By: Fabio Eduardo Rocha (points: 2, rank: 3592)

absolut horrorshow... so sad.

Jun-25-2016 (#126690) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

Cartel kill several people.
4 people are hacked to death with axes after a short Q & A by three masked men.

Jun-27-2016 (#126829) By: WhiteDahlia (points: 213, rank: 81)

Remembers me on the Original!

May-15-2016 (#124606) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

Police leave,cartel sicarios carry out execution.
A woman films two police leaving followed by what is members involved in a cartel dragging a man away, shooting him and leaving.

Feb-20-2016 (#119606) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

Zeta member mutilated and shot.
The man is asked some questions then his face is sliced open on either side and he is shot in the head.

Feb-7-2016 (#118935) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

Bathroom beheading.
A man makes a statement over a bound and tortured man then beheads him with a machete.

Jun-27-2016 (#126830) By: WhiteDahlia (points: 213, rank: 81)

Awesome! Better than real!

Dec-11-2015 (#116090) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

Dead man decapitated.
A long Q & A, the mans head is wrapped with tape while alive dismemberment begins after death.

Jan-2-2016 (#117212) By: WhiteDahlia (points: 213, rank: 81)

This video is great!
Like the special effects and the line!
Great remake of the original.
Oscar for Jon Evil!

Jul-20-2015 (#105933) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

One man is shot, another shown beaten to death.
A masked man asks a few Q&A with another, he then walks around and shoots the man twice, the camera then pans back to reveal another dead guy, the masked man issues a warning.

Sep-25-2015 (#111209) By: WhiteDahlia (points: 213, rank: 81)

Great John, great!

Jul-19-2015 (#105800) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

Los Zeta member has forehead slashed.
A member of Sinaloa asks a man if he with Los Zeta, he carves a deep Z into his forehead.

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