Dec-29-2012 (#22354) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

Top Six Accidents
1 Man with shovel. Man with the business end of a shovel bashed into his head.
2 Jackass Ryan Dunn. Ryan Dunn from the stunt troupe JACKASS.
3 Aftermath Aftermath of the Ryan Dunn video.
4 1 guy 1 jar. The worlds best 'epic fail'.
5 4 painters Always look where your going.
6 Truck crush. Animated but still contains alot of gore.

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Feb-3-2014 (#54572) By: ohwhereismyhairbrush (points: 51, rank: 215)

hey, I think you would get much more support and positive feedback if you make a portfolio on and put your creations on it. Just a thought :)

Apr-29-2015 (#99165) By: RURIGHT (points: 193, rank: 65)

I'm tired of wasting time choosing a video and this crap show's up!....Grow up!

Dec-29-2012 (#22353) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

The best 7 Suicides.
1 Syrian girl. A young lady in Syria. Sad video.
2 Amanda Todd This lady videos herself with a series of cards also hung herself.
3 Ricardo Lopez Bork stalker, locked himself up, ranted crap, shot himself
4 Indian man on top of train. When shit goes wrong filming shit going wrong.
5 Protest monk Vietnam war protest by a monk who is doused in petrol. Wow.
6 Wife jumps to death Man films last moments before wife jumps, pretty chilling.
7. Two Russian drug addicts. Everybodies a little bit better off now.
Making of Terri Schiavo Americas first human vegetable killing.

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Jan-1-2013 (#22579) By: Karma Latina (points: 2, rank: 3252)

Very clever. As silly as it may sound, it is a thought provoking look at pop culture and news media.

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Jul-7-2013 (#36626) By: Obidia (points: 3, rank: 2555)

Fuck'in toy videos! get a life and dont post shit like this!!!!!!!!!

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Oct-28-2013 (#43077) By: lucyelizabethbulloch (points: 19, rank: 583)

stupid fkn dolls again!! fuck off!

Dec-23-2014 (#86583) By: glassfranger (points: 27, rank: 400)

Your a sick cunt

Mar-5-2015 (#93134) By: Apachy101 (points: 43, rank: 345)

wow. just wow!!!!

Dec-29-2012 (#22352) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

The best 10 Murders.
1 1 Icepick 1 Lunatic The best shock video there is.
2 Ramallah Police station Always take a map.
3 Dallas cop shooting. Domestic terrorism, someone had to say it.
4 Russian youths vs homeless. Justice seen to be done, result-jail time.
5 Two men burned alive This 1/3 of the removal on You Tube.
6 3 guys 1 hammer. The original.
7 Two rent boys murder a doctor. Don't film your crime, and don't 'wink'.
8 Black belt vs Nutter. A classic match up of arsehole vs knucklehead.
9 Murder in a war-zone. Violence always hits a new level in a civil war.
10 Bayonet murder. This guy listened in basic training.

well done video, Jon. Don't let the hoards of losers incapable of
producing any video of their own tell you otherwise

*Mark from Best Gore. He was arrested for releasing the 1L.1I. video.

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Dec-29-2012 (#22349) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

The best war crimes from East and West.
Russia. If they being killed or doing the killing.
Chechclear. Shock video, epic story.
Dagestan. The largest video iv made. :-)
Offex. Surfaced in 2002
Axe beheading. Brutal.

Four Marines pissing. Hahahahaha...
Vietnam street execution Mainstreamed murder.
Daniel Pearl. The first beheading of a american.

Middle East. Takes in multiple countries but includes the best known.
Doco final AK47 to the face
Armstrong video, Iraq
Prisoner shoots at guards.
Suicide bomber

Syria. My favs.
Ripped up throat. Cam design
Buried alive. This video was picked up by a pro Assad channel.
Towing a corpse thru the streets. Gotta entertain yourselves some how.
Fire and throat slash. A well filmed fake, just like the 'buried alive' video.
Thrown from a window. New challenges.
Beaten, shot and dragged away. Brutal...just brutal.
F.S.A. commander eyeball torture. Withdrawn from Trade Me, i win again.
Syrian cannibal. iv seen it all
Night time beheading. Featured by the website Best Gore.

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Mar-18-2015 (#94464) By: msforever (points: 12, rank: 809)

I hate America may allah curse them

Apr-15-2016 (#122938) By: infect0r (points: 72, rank: 456)

Nobody cares what you goat fucking losers like or dislike. Continue fucking with us and you'll all be where you should already be DEAD as fuck. Stupid middle east sister goat fucking morons.

Dec-29-2012 (#22348) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

Classic cartel & los Zeta vs C.D.G.
Recommended viewing
Sinaloa chainsaw & knife execution. A instant classic in true gore video
Baseball bat and chopped up with an axe. Edited and set to music.
Dead man decapitation. Shot then beheaded with a blunt machete.
Harlem shake, cartel style. Another 15 minute mainstream trend.
Dismembered and piled up. 2 videos together, dismember & the pile.
Behind the scene. Planning for the ladder execution. (Random section)

C.D.G. vs Los Zeta executions.
Beheaded and dismember. Infamous for the genital removal at the start.
Duel hanging. Start by wrapping their heads in tape then hanging them.
Female Gulf cartel member execution. She was caught in 2013 and executed.
Los Zeta executed by garotte. The doll was listed & removed from Trade Me.
Clubbed then beheaded They have nice uniforms very professional,
Easter gift to Los Zeta.That says it all really.
Tortured and beheaded. You pay the cost to be the boss.
Gulf cartel slaughter multiple Los Zetas. The last guy screams, alot.

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May-14-2014 (#63778) By: Fabio Eduardo Rocha (points: 2, rank: 3592)

absolut horrorshow... so sad.

May-14-2014 (#63779) By: Fabio Eduardo Rocha (points: 2, rank: 3592)

show no mercy...

Aug-29-2015 (#109216) By: coach mcm (points: 106, rank: -)

Spam. Edited by Jon.

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Dec-29-2012 (#22347) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

The best of Random Evil.
The Old Master.
When punishment was a serious business.
Broken on the wheel.
Suspension and branding.
Hung, drawn and quarted.
Christmas 2013 execution.

Body modification.
By myself and done professionally
3G.1H. scar on myself. SOUTH PARK
Single point suspension. The last suspension.
Leg cut and color with guest cat. We have a visitor.
10 point coma suspension. Pain pain pain pain...
Images 1. Scarification in general
Thai vege fest. Multiple sword removal.
Mexican cartel execution scene Scared
Early Skindependent show. Friends of mine.

Recommended viewing.
These videos contain real footage.
Timbo goes full retard. Epic rant, MUST SEE!!
February 22nd 2011 aftershock video. Right at the back door!!!!
June 2011. Aftermath.
Christchurch quake survivor tape. Just after Sep 4th
Stoned at an Iranian wedding. Timbo freaks out..
Text message. From a guy whose been in jail. But poses no threat.
Red zone Christchurch Abandon all hope...
Red zone series. Thru some houses and around the area.
Lui & mouse Ahhhh...he's got a friend.
Dark spaces The shit bins 2 years after the quake.
Dead bird in the feeder. Sick and creepy. I love it.
Quake damaged house. This one had been set on fire.

Written experiences.
True stories. Conversations had, people met in the street.
Beauty cream. Trolling the Israelies.

Behind the scenes.
Footage filmed during the creative process.
Young couple drowning. Tragic but predictable if you can't swim.
Murder in a warzone. Inspired by Gravity.
Gasoline. Mob justice, somebody just kill him.
Japanese webcam suicide. The do it so nicely.
CDG execute young teen. Bad parenting.
Suicide bomber. Fuck what an afternoon that was. MUST SEE.
Train accident. Look closely
Montage. Surreal.
Thai murder. One person for each doll.
Mexican torture. And a 1-2-3 GO!!!

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Apr-11-2015 (#97341) By: shizo (points: 374, rank: 78)

u know that ur work sucks right ? do it for fun but plzz we dont wanne see this shit..
Reply from Jon.
"No. Go find another channel, i'm not stopping for you or anyone else."

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Mar-8-2016 (#120737) By: oxpositor (points: 180, rank: 5940)

Fukin idiot

3 hours ago (#133854) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

Accident scene.
A man dead beneath a truck, it pulls forward and runs the corpse over a 2nd time.

7 days ago (#133315) By: Jon Evil (points: 4835, rank: 9)

3 woman torture murder aftermath.
3 women tortured and murdered a man, the remains were found the next day by locals.

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